We’re convinced, we cannot do without SVI trips…We just signed up for SV 2016
John & Karlene

First off, let me again thank you for the remarkable job you do organizing these events.  Patti and I had a fantastic time!  And we want to make sure we join you and the other SVIers next year in Turks.
Carole R & Patti

Dearest Steve and Max,
I feel as though I have fallen more in love with God as a result of being on this trip and the love that was extended to me during our time in Mexico. I was reunited with people I hadn’t seen in 19 years and 4 different characters, who played a very important part in my week-long journey to reconnect with God in a deeper and more intimate way.    Because of their acceptance and love for me during these preceding years.  Talking with them helped me to get to a place of openness and willingness that I have not had until now.
Jill C

Thank you so much for a wonderful week.  Great speakers, fantastic food, beach time, good times with old and new friends.  And, even a crocodile farm for an added bonus.  It doesn’t get any better.  Thanks for inviting me.
xxx Pat

Hi Steve and Max – I had a wonderful this past week and took home lots of amazing sobriety, stories and made many new friends!  Thank you so much for putting this together.
Georgette MCH

Once again you pulled it off and provided a really brilliant programme of events that meant I felt as if I had had a month’s holiday not just a measly week.  Really great to see old friends again of course,  but I also loved hearing the speakers – most of them new to me.  They all had wonderful, inspiring messages and I have definitely renewed my commitment since I got back.   The last night was really fabulous and the wonderful song tribute to Sandy just about finished me off – in a good way of course.    Thanks so much for all your hard work.
Kathy H, London England

No words can describe the fellowship, friendship, gratitude, tropical environment, great meetings, lots of FUN, laughter and great escape – what a great job they do, pulling us all together!
Carol L., Canada

Just returned from my 1st trip, Ixtapa. It was an incredible experience filled with fellowship, great meetings and a paradise vacation spot of fun filled activities. I’m already signed up for 2016 Turks & Caicos!!
Holly D.

I came back from our week at Club Med Turquoise with my heart full of gratitude and wonderful memories. What a way to celebrate my 30th year of sobriety!
Ben B. WA

Once again thank you for the opportunity of spending quality time with wonderful, SOBER, spiritual people. Can’t tell you how much these trips mean to me. I get energized for many months both before and after.
Bobbi S. IL

Looking at all the great photos from last week, everyone is smiling like crazy. Arnold & I had a wonderful time. Thank you.
Alice K. NY

i was exhausted at Miami airport and crying when i saw your shiny blue eyes…so happy! Thank you for this unbelievable week. Your generosity and your presence love,
Marion B. Paris, France

The trip to Turks changed my life! I am forever grateful to you and your team for all the work you do to make it happen. It really was a life changing experience. I came home a different person. I am still relaxed, calm and peaceful. I had a spiritual experience — I took the snorkel trip (one of my greatest fears)… realized in order to have the experience I had to “Let Go of the ladder”, as if letting go and trusting a HP for the first time I can remember wasn’t enough… when I got back to the boat there was the most amazing rainbow! Fabulous experience — can’t wait till next!
Jenn H. PA

Thank you for creating the opportunity to participate is such a great event!! This week has been a major part of my growth in recovery.
Love you, Karen B. FL

Thanks for the chance to tell my story from the podium. As you know SVI is the bedrock of my sobriety and coming back every year gives me an opportunity to review and re-connect with my program. Every year I challenge myself to do something outside my comfort zone and speaking last Thursday was huge for me. Thank you for the honor and for all the service you do for the sober community.
Much love and gratitude,
Diane W. NY

Thanks again for an amazing life changing week !
Michele W. CA

This last Turks trip was amazing and I just feel so invigorated and grateful. To be able to celebrate my anniversary with you and everyone there is something that I will not soon forget. Thank you for everything that you do and the family that you have created by doing these trips. They are truly a labor of love and have become such an important part of my recovery.
Linda N. MA

These vacations have become one of the many joys of my life. I love making new friends from around the country. Great group of people!
Lisa B. CA

Please send lots of flyers for Sober Village 2015, my tan and big smile have lots of people asking where we are going next year
Jennifer F. CA

It was a trip I will never forget. We had an amazing time & met so many wonderful people. I can’t wait until next year
Adrienne H. CA

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was far more than I could ever have hoped for. It was truly a transformational week for me – it really helped me change my overall attitude and perspective on some very major issues that I have been dealing with and I have come away from the trip with more peace of mind and serenity than I have felt in years.
Tom H. FL

A trip like this for me has had a huge ripple effect. I was able to re charge from my busy life, meditate daily and completely immerse myself in AA in a beautiful, relaxing setting.
Mary G. CA

Turks and Caicos islands shared the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, and it was such a wonderful experience to swim, snorkel, and paddle board in bright turquoise waters amongst fellow AA’s. I was provided with a week full of delicious food, spiritual education, and an exuberant amount of fun. Every morning I attended June’s meeting, and Al S’s wonderful meditation class. I learned many new tools in terms of how to live a fulfilling and sober life. I am truly grateful for the and would like to thank you ever so dearly for one of the best weeks of my life! We love and sincerity
Leland L. CA

I have never had it so good, I go to 40 to 45 events a year and this past week with you at Sober Vacations in Cancun was a highlight in my life. I cannot imagine not doing this again and again. Thank you.
Lee Y. FL

Cancun was a life-changing week for me and I’m enormously grateful. Every year is wonderful and new, and this was the best ever. Having an opportunity to to make new friends and go to every meeting possible was paradise. So many new friends,getting to know old friends better, deeper commitment to the program. Joy, bliss, love. Thank you!
Joan S. NY

It was so awesome to meet you and all the incredible participants of SVI! Thank you for a beautiful spiritual week in Cancun! Yay 🙂
Karen L. Connecticut

Thank you so very much for an absolutely wonderful week! It just touched my soul. Serenity continues….
Jan H. Colorado

Thank you for another amazing week! Love love love you!!
Bonnie B. North Carolina

Thanks for a great week in Cancun It was beyond my wildest dreams
Lesley C New York

Thank you so so much for the most outrageous vacation. Everything was perfect, especially the guests. I made so many new friends, some in my area. I appreciate all your hard work and look forward to going every year.
Elizabeth R. Connecticut

I have been to all my meetings telling folks about my experience, but selfishly want to keep paradise found to myself and came back a grateful and wide eyed optimist of all things great in Sioux City. You are wonderful and I had the best vacation so far. I am in such a spiritual state of euphoria owing solely to my experience on my WONDERFUL vacation.
Sara C. Iowa

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful time in Cancun. The pace of the last couple of years (and months) leading to Cancun was pretty hectic and it was such a tremendous opportunity to relax, get grounded, and take in a ton of AA meetings and people. And the beautiful ocean definitely helped. Of course, it was an honor to be one of the 20 minute speakers. The response afterwards was tremendous and humbling. There are a few amazing gifts in my life and none of it would be possible if I had not been sober. Cancun was such a great time and definitely recharged me for whatever “new” direction our military takes me.
Scott H California

Sending a giant “THANK YOU” for providing another outstanding Sober Village in Cancun!
Jennifer F California

I just want to tell you again what a wonderful experience Connie and I had as part of the Sober Village in Cancun. It was a great time for us on several levels;; certainly the resort, the food, the beach could not have been better. But the real deal for us was the people and the experience. It was a truly memorable experience it was for both of us.
Steve L. Tennessee

Thanks for the best trip of our lives. We both had absolutely more fun than ever. And that was an unbelievable line up of speakers and workshops. It was PERFECT!!!
Tommy P California

I am so grateful that I experienced Sober Club Med Cancun. This was my 4th trip and the most wonderful one yet! My expectations were surpassed in every single way! I came alone this time and had the best vacation ever! Words cannot express how I feel right now. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you and all that make these trips possible for us.
Sally C New York

What an incredible experience I had in Cancun. An experience I will always be grateful for.
Sharon B Pennsylvania

We want to thank you for putting together another outstanding Club Med trip – what a fantastic week. Seeing the sun rise in the morning and the waves and the palms blowing in the wind while getting ready for the speaker meetings was beautiful. Thanks again for everything you do for our sobriety.
Cheryl & Denny R California

Thank you so much for putting together such an amazing event. Everything was in perfect. The speakers were fantastic, some of the best I have heard in many years. What a spectacular place you picked with most beautiful ocean in the world. My view from my balcony room was to die. I appreciate all that you do to help everyone have such a great vacation with a bunch of crazy alcoholics! Thank you, thank you, thank you
Kathryn M. California

Wow. Just wow….in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS “WOW!” I I really need to say thank you, from the bottom of my extraordinarily grateful heart.

I have already requested the time off for February and spend more time with everyone by the pool and beach. I know you have been told this over and over, but what you do for us in recovery is of immeasurable glue. You give us a safe and warm place to have fun and the really get the message that we are not a glum lot. as I drifted off to sleep last night: Instead of being sad that SVI 2013 is over, I am going to be happy that each day from now on brings me closer to SVI 2014.
Maude K New York

That was my 3rd Sober Vacation and each time just gets better. Thank you for creating such a fun way to enjoy sobriety and meet so many wonderful people from around the country.
Sharon B California

Cannot tell you how spectacular it was for me to have had the opportunity to hang out with such an amazing group of people. I have many memories I’ll cherish for a long time.
Kathleen W. California