Expand Your Comfort Zone … Happy, Joyous & Free

August 19, 2013 3:36 am

We believe our journey in recovery is toward joy and fun.

We insist on having fun!

We are free to experience new things, meet new people, hear the program in new words.

The Club Med atmosphere is the perfect environment to do all these things.

You get to choose the type of week you want and you are always supported by multiple meetings during the day and night.

Learn to scuba dive, dance, swim in the turquoise ocean, walk, play sports or sit under an umbrella on a gorgeous beach and read a book.

All of this is available on a Sober Village week.

The entire resort is reserved just for our group of approximately 500 people from over 40 states, plus Canada and even a few European countries.

A typical week is 50% first timers and 50% returnees. 50% couples and 50% singles.

37 married couples and counting have met on an SVI vacation….for those so inclined…